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Post by Gunny_Admin on Mon Mar 30, 2015 7:34 pm

Greetings to all lone soldiers and Triple Shot members!

Please note that these rules requires your agreement before we accept your membership, both in game and on this forum. You have probably been forwarded here by our CEO or most likely one of our Officers. Please read the information below very carefully. It is necessary that you fully understand our combine rules before contacting back that same officers with a positive or negative agreement response. Do not hesitate to communicate with us in game if you are uncertain about anything you see below. We take this very seriously and we firmly believe that we can mix in the fun factor as well for everyone to enjoy their stay within the Triple Shot community.

On a side note, we understand that this set of rules is not for everyone but it is the rules we have decided to go by in order to work towards successful combine goals and visions as a team. If this does not fit you, you are welcome to move on. We do not judge, this games has a handful of different combines and we are assured that you will find one that suits your game style.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

*Rules are subject to change at any given time although it should never be drastic.
*In the event of any changes, in game and forum announcement will be made.
*If you are in doubt about those rules or an action you are about to perform, please stop and ask first, we will gladly answer your question!
*By creating an account, you are in agreement with the rules below!

In Game Rules:
1. Be active, MIA + 3 will be removed.
Unless you advise CEO & Officers in game or in the appropriate forum section. See the "Sick Bay" forum for more information.
2. Accept/Send friend request from/to all combine members.
This is required to help fellow member's repair turrets and it also increase the amount of mercenaries you can have.
3. Send a single defensive unit, preferably cheap (Sapper or Mercenary) to all combine members. Also, do not recall that single unit back to its originator
This is for reporting purposes. If you get attacked while my sapper is defending your base, I get to know who attacked and with what force and we not only want to know but need this pertinent information!
4. Respond to all CTA's (Call to Arms).
Call to arms basically means to prepare for a fight or an eventual one in the event that our CEO or an Officer send a combine order message to attack or defend a specific location or that a combine member call an incoming raid on his base and expect help to defend. In most situations, our CEO, Officers and sometimes appointed members will call those attack and defend orders or might also strongly suggest to bunker down. In the event where you see an incoming raid on your base, it is your responsibility to advise the combine through the combine chat.
5. Absolutely NO attacking of any marked player's (Part of a Clan / Combine) main base or Mining Complex, regardless of our diplomacy agreement with them. Farms and depots held by other players are fair game only if the combine they are part of is neutral, enemy or if the player is unmarked (Clanless).
Basically if a player is unmarked you can do whatever to him. If marked, you can only hit his farms and depots if his combine hold the proper diplomacy agreement described above. We can't press this very specific rule enough, we therefore want every member to fully understand it. We also strongly suggest to often visit the "Joint Ops Center" under the "Diplomacy" tab to be aware or every combines with which we hold a specific diplomacy agreement or any recent change in our combine's diplomacy.
6. Communicate!
While this is not 100% mandatory, we consider it to be the very least to manifest yourself when you get online and before going offline through the combine chat. An active and communicating combine is not only making our community alive but it is key to success.
7. English ONLY
While we allow any type of players around the globe of different spoken language, 100% of our communication is to be made in english
8. Be respectful to one and another regardless of race, color, gender, nationality, religion and in game ranks.
Do we need to mention more here ? I think not.

Forum Rules:
1. Be active, MIA + 30 will be removed.
While we ain't pressing you to be active on the forum as much as to be in game, we ask you to log on the forum at least once a day. Important information or announcement can be posted by our CEO and Officers or this very "rules" section could be subject to change for instance. An automated script is running to deactivate any MIA + 30 members. If you decide to leave the combine, you will also get your forum access removed.
2. Use your exact in game player name (with case sensitivity) as your forum display name.
This forum is restricted and requires an admin to grant you access. Using this nomenclature will greatly ease our job at managing both, in game and forum members structure and access. It also ease every members to recognize who is who in both environment.
3. Once you get your forum access granted, take the time to familiarize yourself with the forum structure and all Announcements and Sticky posts in every forums
Our forum structure is meant to be organized and help our communication and sharing experience. Having the right post at the right place is key. In some occasions, post can be relocated under a different forum by our admins and moderators. Announcements are made by CEO and Officers and are usually of high importance. Sticky posts usually describes the functioning of a specific forum. Better read them before starting anything!
4. "Copy in game rules # 6, 7, 8" "Paste here"
Communicate... in english... and in respect... Anything that doesn't have its place or judged inappropriate is subject to be deleted without notice. I would be surprised if our admins and moderators ever get to act against those rules but we never know! At least it has been said!

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